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One of the things that inspectors look for is structural defects in floor joists. In a recent home inspection I noticed the floor in the dining room had a little too much bounce about a 1/2  foot from the wall facing north. It's normal to have some deflection in the middle of the room due to the ...
In my previous post I stressed the importance of having the right size gutters installed on houses and commercial buildings. Depending on the volume of water entering the gutter system, larger sizes may be needed to successfully drain rain water away from the structure. The size of the gutters an...
   Metal gutters comes in a variety of shapes such as rectangular, beveled, ogee, and semicircular. They also come in a number of sizes, from 2-1/2 inches to 6 inches in height and from 3-8 inches in width. Depending on the structure when it comes to installing gutters size does matter. This was ...
Attic spaces are useful in a variety of ways. Some people use it for storage and some turn them into habitable living space. They are often used to run electrical wires, as well as duct work for A/C units. What I mostly find is some contractors and diyer's use them to hide their shoddy attic work...
          Fire extinguishers can give a measure of safety in the work place and even in the home for those who have them. Inspecting them monthly is a must to ensure they work properly if needed. In the previous post I wrote that one of the first things when inspecting a fire extinguisher is iden...
Recently I got a phone call from a client that I did an inspection for in September. Highly upset he stated that he and his family just moved in their house and cannot use the water from the sinks and bathtub. "My water is brown and has a low flow." As I was looking up his report he continued say...
In my earlier post we saw how easy it is to tune - up a garage door. Keeping the doors in good repair will cut down on costly repairs Adding to the list of things to lubricate are the safety latches. These devices over time can jam and rust making them useless. This is especially the case if you ...
Some time ago I did a termite inspection for a client who was interested in buying her first house. The inspection went very well, no signs of wood destroying insects inside, or outside. That's a huge plus here in long island since we are surrounded by water and many homes sit on top of undergrou...
 When you hear the words "tune-up" and "garage" likely you think of your         car,motor cycle, or lawn tractor. Add to the list, your garage door. Tuning up your garage doors is easy and can add years of service life (at least five years) to the equipment. The questions of course is, where to ...

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