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According to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), pending home sales continued to gain in November and reached the highest level in 19 months across the nation.   After interpreting data from The Pending Home Sales Index,* the NAR released that contract signings, increased 7.3 percent to ...
(Continued from Wednesday, January 4, 2012) Power Solution- THIS SOLUTION IS GROSSLY OVERLOOKED. Simply- several options all at the same time (steps 1-5 can be done in 2 days): 1st. Create a safety net by listing your property with a short sale Realtor. This will give you the necessary time to pu...
According to Sandicor, the San Diego County MLS in October 2011 the number of homes listed was 4,366. This is a slight decrease from October 2010 number of homes listed of 4,690. The number of homes sold was relatively unchanged- October 2011 was 2,530 and October 2010 was 2,561. Source from Sand...
(continued from Monday, January 2, 2012) Short Sale With one of our Experts - Assuming you have no equity and have to sell, you can list your home with a Realtor who has been trained how to do short sales. Almost always your best option. Without a doubt, if you know you can no longer afford mortg...
According to the California Association of realtors we can expect a slight increase of about 1% in statewide home sales. Single family home sales are forecasted to increase from 491,100 to 496,200 homes. Also we can look forward to an increase of about 1.7% in median home prices. Median home pric...
(continued from Wednesday, December 28, 2011) Short Sale to an Investor- This is almost always a mistake. The investor is interested in only his own interests. He will attempt to negotiate with the bank to accept less money and if the bank goes low enough, he will purchase, if the bank does not g...
Standard & Poor's Case-Shiller Home Price Indices were just released. Compared to September, San Diego’s home prices fell 0.6 percent in October. Nationwide the numbers were worse than San Diego. Home prices were 4.5 percent lower than the same period last year. Nationally home prices were down 3...
If you are experiencing problems with your mortgage, there are 15 possible solutions. The longer you wait, the less options you have. The sooner you do something, the better the outcome for you! Read the Article Here                                                   
When you first perceive future mortgage problems, you have 15 options. As your lender passes further and further through the necessary steps to foreclose on your property, your options become fewer and fewer. It is imperative you act quickly!     If you stand idle, the foreclosure is rarely the e...
In San Diego County, Some People Owe $100,000 or Even $300,000 More Than Their Home is Worth!! Our Program VS Loan Modifications Because lenders are not required to lower the balance owed on loan modifications, I have only heard of one instance where the lender lowered the amount owed. They lower...

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