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This is second in a series on how to get frames up on a blank wall. Tired of waiting for the right image to come along? Don't get intimidated just get inspired and create your own. You'll be surprised at what you can do, and save money too! #1 First decide on the focal point of your room, it shou...
You finally closed on that home you really wanted! Closing costs, moving fees, mortgage payments... how are you going to decorate? As a creative designer, I have a few tips for inexpensive fun ways to frame and decorate your walls. This is the first in a 4 part series. Everyone has magazines! Spo...
Over the course of the past 5 years, I've had an unexplained phenomenon. It started in my last house, at the time we were trying to sell it. A bird came 3 days in a row and tapped on my windows. First it was the one near the piano, then the family room and kitchen. I was glad it was not a BLACK B...
Having a balcony is beauty at its best, but when in need it can become functional. In the Italian Villages, they hang laundry off of it; they dangle a basket, which they lower to the street to bring things up or down. In many apartment buildings, balconies have barbeques, some with enough room to...
Today, having a few minutes between presenting an offer, and preparing a commission break on a deal in contract, I saw these personal photos I took on my computer, and these thoughts came to mind. How precious is time? What are the benefits of a few minutes or passing years? These images show tim...
Pack the suitcases; throw in some socks, t-shirts and designer Italian shoes, and how about a balcony, some doorknobs, and the bathroom sink? Would you believe these and many other parts of my home went through customs?   Having a Sicilian born husband, who’s a builder, has given me both American...
Do you prefer to go out or stay in? Is your decision based on personal preferences, aesthetics, or situations that are inflexible? As you can imagine there are two sides for each, when talking about garages that is!     In the 1800’s and early 1900’s, carriage houses and barns began popping up a...
If someone in Real Estate tells you a home holds a secret, you probably think of undesirable information; is it haunted? Are there leaks? Have termites eaten through the framework? You might also consider if there are family mysteries or confidentialities of past and present owners. But today’s R...

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