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A full service specialty contractor specializing in all things EIFS, Stucco and Waterproofing and now Roofing.
Why we charge, When we charge, and What you can expect.  One of the most common questions we hear on the phone is, "You don'tt do free  estimates?, but the job is only a small repair!"  In some cases that is absolutely right. Estimates vary greatly and there is a big difference between an insura...
Recently America has witnessed a movement sweeping the country unlike anything we as a people have seen since the civil rights movement. As a business person, father and concerned citizen I must say that I think this protest was long overdue. Whether or not the movement will have any significant ...
Modern Wall Systems EIFS & Stucco Renovations If you are looking to have your house or your clients house - new or old - renovated with EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish Systems, or "synthetic stucco") in the Hampton Roads Area, there is no reason not to get a quote from Santanabiz.com. You might ...
Virginia Roofing, located in Virginia Beach , Virginia, is a subsidiary of Modern Wall Systems, and is a full service roofing contractor.  Our clients include homeowners, business owners, contractors, and investors.  The main goals are to take care of our customers, maintain good relationships, a...
From time to time EIFS finishes may need to be cleaned to remove dirt, mildew, tar or algae that can make even the most architecturaly sound building look like crap. A good cleaning will bring back the curb appeal that EIFS is famous for and is fundamental when preparing for recoating or resurfac...
 Regardless of what business you are into, management is crucial to the completion of the project. Here are some tips to reaching your goals in project management.Define project success criteria. At the beginning of the project, make sure the stakeholders share a common understanding of how they ...
If EIFS was installed like this in the past there wouldn't be any problems today.                                                                 1.Cavity Insulation          2.Approved Joint Reinforcement          3. Acceptable Sheathing          4. Code approved air/weather barrier          5.C...
REPAIRClass Polymer Based (PB) SystemsQuality Assurances· Mechanics must be qualified and experienced.· Not a “Blow and Go” operation.· Highest degree of workmanship.· Follow exact procedures.· Time to execute each step precisely.· Blend edge of repair precisely as possible.· Match the texture of...
Telephone Rings: “Ring, Ring”SIC:                  "Good morning, Shmuckos Inspection Company, Billy speaking, can I                           help you? “Customer:            "Yes good morning, I’m calling because my husband noticed mildew and water                            stains at the window...
It seems that whenever I visit an EIFS-clad building that supposedly has problems due to theEIFS, I do find a number of things that aren’t quite right. But most of them are usually not withthe EIFS itself, but with something that’s nearby it, on it or through it.One of the most common things that...

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