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Everybody is discouraged by the drop in home prices over the last 3-4 years, especially people who want to "move-up" to a larger home. Our statistics show that the median selling prices of residential homes in our 24 town area (from Branford to Waterford Connecticut) have dropped 14.1% since 2006...
Home buyers who have been sitting on the sidelines are still asking if they should buy now or wait.  Maybe housing prices will drop further?  The fact is that interest rates are currently at an all time low with 30 year fixed conventional rates below 5% with no points (assuming good credit, docum...
I recently joined a local camera club (Connecticut Valley Camera Club) and heard a brief discussion about High Dynamic Range imaging (HDR).  The speaker was talking about using this technique to eliminate the light glare that typically occurs when you are shooting a picture inside on a bright day...
Have you ever had a buyer who walks on a floor that squeaks and steps back and forth - squeak - squeak - and then glares at you as if to say, "who built this house?"  or "I can't stand squeaks" or "I'll negotiate this deal starting with shoddy construction".   I've got a solution that has a very ...
The absorption rate (number of months to sell existing housing inventory) tells us something about supply and demand.  Studies have shown that a "normal" balanced market should have an absorption rate of about 6 or 7 months.  So where are we now?  Based on statistics from our local MLS which incl...
For months now, many have blamed "negative news" as one factor that is adding fuel to the economic slump. When we hear "doom and gloom" day after day, it has an affect on all of us.  Then we open our monthly investment statement (if you have any money in the stock market) and it gets even more de...
When showing a buyer a couple of foreclosed properties recently, the listing agent disclosed that there was prior "freeze damage" - read - burst water pipes due to water freezing.   This is often common in unoccupied homes and during the foreclosure period where the owner is not only unable to pa...
Recently, a buyer made an offer on one of my listings and a day before the mortgage commitment date, it was reported that the buyer needed more cash for the down payment.  Seems the loan program he signed up for went away!  In today's tough financing environment, I'm sure that this is not the fir...
It's been a week or so since I attended the second of five concerts in the 31st annual Essex Winter Series.  Even though living in Essex for 8 years, I just never heard about the Winter Series and didn't know anyone who attended When I first received complimentary tickets (my company is a sponsor...
When I first moved into town and got into real estate, I thought it would be good to have a catchy screen name that would be easy to remember.  Since my name is Ed and I live in Essex, why not "Essex Ed".  I even bought the domain name which is still active and directs people to my web site.   Th...

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