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I am very, VERY curious what everyone on Active Rain thinks of this financial market breakdown?  China just cut rates for the first time in 6 years, and people are saying that the Fed has to cut rates.  Think they will?!  I am updating my blog on my website all day long, and I would love to see w...
One of my best AE's just sent this out.  I think it is perfect.  He had worked at Homecomings Financial, and now they are out.   The Great Forest of Mortgage Companies. Some of you may or may not know me…I have been around for quite sometime, 14yrs actually.  I am not a blogger but I do feel the ...
I woke up this morning, and started blogging on my website, www.JakePlanton.com.  I also sent out an email to my contacts saying they could follow this event there.  What are other people doing about marketing on this one?  I know it's early, but if we don't get rocking on this now, we may miss t...
Those were the words of my boss just last week.  She said that at our company meeting next Tuesday, we are going to be amazed at this idea she has come up with.  She said it will change our lives for ever.  We will be 'financially secure for the rest of our lives.'  Talk about a TEASER! As most p...
I have a borrower that lives in Morroco.  She has lived there for about 8 years.  She owns her home there out right, just bought, almost all cash, in Spain.  She is an American citizen, has amazing income, amazing assets, and I can not find her a loan. I have been wracking my brain trying to find...
As many of you probably can relate to this post, I am an avid reader of blogs and news items.  Google has a great program for this.  It is called Google Reader.  It updates constantly as new items are posted on your favorite blogs.  I have mortgage blogs, relaxing blogs, news blogs, all kinds.  I...
Does anyone every go to Craigslist, and go to the forums for housing?  Where people post things, and then people comment on them, like a string, all day long?  I have gone a couple of times, and the people in there are SO mean.  It blows my mind.  Some guy was asking about paying X number of doll...
Hey Marketing gurus :) My website, www.jakeplanton.com, is about to be launched.  I have been pouring over a bunch of blogs on here all day, trying to find great ideas on how to market the website, cheaply.  I have a bunch of social networking sites I will be posting it on, including: myspace, fa...
Hey all,   I am about to get my website up and running.  I am very excited to get it going, and I would love to hear what some people think about the site.  www.jakeplanton.com.   Be nice :)
Hello all,   I am about to put up my very own website, and I am very, VERY excited about it.  I have a tab that is being developed on the site that is called 'tools.'  I am trying to figure out what I am going to put in that tab.  I was thinking a mortgage loan calculator, but I can not find one ...

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