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There are so many factors on EVERY loan that it can be dangerous to quote.  Keep in mind that rates can change hourly on busy days, so this is just a snap shot in time.  I want to try and show you how things are moving through each day.  Here are the factors I will be quoting:   Purchase, 20% dow...
Here is a great list of what homes are selling for in the Portland Market.  If you compare this to days on market, you can see that the lower valued homes are flying off the shelves, but the larger/more expensive homes are staying on the market.  This is due, in part, to how difficult it is to ge...
I just read the blog below, talking about how we are only about half way through the values of American homes going down.  I am very skeptical of this blog, but they do make some good points.  I would love some input from all the pros here.  Why is this wrong?  We did have 'fake' demand for so lo...
The tax credit has just been extended, and expanded.  You all know how I feel about it, economically it is not a smart idea, but it is what it is.  I will help anyone that can qualify get it.  Just let me know! From the National Association of Realtors: Who Qualifies for the Extended Credit? Firs...
There is A LOT of confusion about the tax credit, and the move up buyers part.  Does ANYONE know if the people moving up have to sell their current home before they can buy a new one?  Mixed answers here...
This is interesting.  HUD has delayed the results of an audit on the FHA reserve fund.  FHA has an important role to play, but when it goes after subprime clients, this is what you are going to get.   http://www.nationalmortgagenews.com/premium/archive/?ts=1257354000
Today's rates for Portland, OR. Good Morning all! Rates are still smoking.  It is November!   There are so many factors on EVERY loan that it can be dangerous to quote. Keep in mind that rates can change hourly on busy days, so this is just a snap shot in time. I want to try and show you how thin...
Are we kidding ourselves with this tax credit?  Home prices have to fall naturally.  We can not re-inflate the bubble..we SHOULDN'T reinflate the bubble.  People lost value in their homes, it sucks, but we have to come to terms with that, and not prop up the market with dumb tax credits.
Things are not as rosy as well think... [N]ew home sales are far more important for employment and the economy than existing home sales. When an existing home is sold, the housing stock doesn't change, and the only direct contribution to the economy are the transaction costs. When a new home is s...
Just found this post online, and this is really what realtors, lenders, and most importantly, clients should be worrying about.  The Fed is going to stop buying mortgages, rates WILL go up at least a full point.  This is what we should be worrying about. http://curiouscapitalist.blogs.time.com/20...

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