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HELP Please! I have officially launched PLEDGE SNAP and have received some major news press for it. This could help the real estate industry set some true expectations of what we and our sellers expect of buyers. To bring you up to date - Pledge SNAP is about: all agents, making a personal or bro...
Take the Pledge SNAP. The pledge would be that we, all agents, make a policy that when we meet someone at a property that we don't know yet, we would 1) pull up behind the car and SNAP a picture of the license plate and then 2) we would SNAP a picture of the driver's license of every adult that w...
There are so many days I wish I could scream this advice off a mountain top. Great example and advice about avoiding disappointment from Gail Robinson. I'm working with a lovely young couple.  They did what most buyers do before they sign up with a real estate agent.  They did their research on t...
Oh how true this post is. It is something that seems impossible sometimes but can make all the difference. Keep this in mind the next time you get frustrated. As the old saying goes, "You get more flies with honey than with vinegar" and that applies to all sorts of situations, especially real est...
How true is this? What a great and powerful reminder to stay positive and find the good in any situation. I will certainly be sharing this with my office. Motivational Power Quote   When Does a Negative Person Brighten the Room? “People with a negative attitude brighten the whole room when they l...
I refuse to even shake hands during this horrific time of year - these germs seem to be spreading way too easily. Stay well, my AR friends. As the Flu Season Rages on… As the 2013 Flu rages on 42 states in the nation have now reported near epidemic level of flu activities.  New Mexico has now rep...
This is a great list of challenges to a healthier life style. Some of these will be easier than others and certainly different for everyone.   Get Healthy in the Rain-The First 30 Days     I always think the first part of a “diet” or “eating lifestyle change” (whatever you call it) is the hardest...
This blog post about the power words have is very insightful and a great thing to keep in mind at all times and in all situations.   Words have power I’ve taken another path for this post.  Words indeed do have power don’t they.  Each person is wired differently and certain words can have them at...
Could the analogy be any more perfect? This clever article, by Karen Fiddler, makes a great point that you won't soon forget- and it will make you smile. I am not passing judgment on coloring our hair. Heaven knows that once a month like clockwork I'm back to being a natural brunette. Well, I am/...
This is an extremelly well written post by James Quarello about some of the interesting finds he comes across in his inspections. You won't regret taking the time to read it. One of the more interesting things I find about inspecting homes is how something will jump out at me. When I say "somethi...

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