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FHA required down payment information is something that home buyers are often wondering about. Well, we know that the FHA down payment is 3.5% but did you know that could vary? Did you know that the rates could be better than a conforming non government loan?Did you know that with a low FHA down ...
Hello everyone,This next project for the homeowner is a series of videos focusing on "how to sharpen knives". Obviously something that touches everyone. Not only yourselves but also your clients. Most people don't even know how dull their knives are until they cut with a sharp knife. These videos...
How to Magnetize a Screwdriver is my most recent DIY video. This is something that will help all new homeowners. How many times would it have helped you if the screw would just stay on the end of the screwdriver? Especially when using one hand because the other hand is holding building materials....
How many of you have struggled to figure out which breaker to flip to turn off the power to an outlet, light, appliance, etc? Maybe you are trying one breaker at a time with someone else at the other end of the house yelling when you found the right one. Every homeowner should own a circuit break...
Hello friends,Many buyers and sellers of homes are having to take on some home DIY projects. One of the common things that people find themselves doing is caulking whether it is interior or exterior. In this "how to caulking" video, I will take you though some caulking tips and secrets that you m...
Hello Everyone !!Not too long ago, I posted about starting a DIY Home project and repair channel. I am attaching the intro below. The first tutorial video should be up in a few days. Will be focusing on.. DIY Repairs and tips. Some unique things that are not just a rehash of others you have seen ...
So, I have been away from here for a while. Used to blog quite a bit. I checked up on some of my more popular posts from a few years ago. The stats show thousands of views. However, if I try to look for the posts in google they just not show up. I was able to find ONE in yahoo.The odd thing is th...
Hello Active Rain Community....I am beginning a DIY channel on Youtube which I will be featuring here. It is DIY, home tips, repairs, things to make sure are fixed when selling a home, etc. I would like some feedback from all of you regarding topics that you would like for me to cover.
Divorce loans are now available!What is a divorce loan and what is the difference between an after divorce loan and a traditional loan? The difference is how the alimony payments are treated during the underwriting process. Most treat alimony payments as a monthly obligation/liability. The proble...
Stated Income Loans without Income docs for Investment Properties are available again! If you or your client are looking for a stated income loan for an investment property, then there is good news. This loan program is back again. What is an investment property under the loan guidelines? It can ...

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