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Can I Get a Bank Statement Cash Out Refinance Loan?Bank statement loans are for self employed borrowers who cannot document enough income to qualify for a mortgage. They qualify using the average deposits in their personal and or business accounts for 12-24 months. Now, this program is also avail...
If you are buying a home that was built in the late 60s or early 70s there is a good chance that your home may have aluminum wiring instead of copper. At that time, home builders were using aluminum because it was cheaper than copper.Aluminum wiring is something that many people prefer not to hav...
Are you expecting a child and thinking about shopping for a home at the same time? Deciding whether to buy the home before or after your baby arrives is a very difficult decision and one that only you can make.Some important things to consider before making your decision are: Qualifying for a mor...
No Tax Return Mortgages Are Available!There are mortgage options for people who cannot provide tax returns or if your tax returns do not show enough income to qualify for a mortgage. No tax return mortgage loan programs are for self-employed individuals who have too many business deductions to qu...
Lighting Can Increase The Value Of Your Homeclick to read full articleWhy Lighting is Important?Lighting changes the look and feel of your home. It creates an vibe that is hard to describe but it signals "buy" or "no thanks" to potential buyers of your home.What is Color Temperature and What Does...
Self employed home buyers now have options to buy their dream homes. If you are self employed and looking for a mortgage, you probably thought there were no mortgage options for you. Maybe because you spoke to a local bank that only had the conventional products. You also possibly spoke to the pe...
I have come across some websites that are basically an active rain blog feed that is being published on a different website. Who here is doing this? Can you share the plusses and minuses that you have experienced from this so far?  
Self employed individuals have often struggled to find loans to purchase a home. While they are taking legal tax deductions as business owners, those deductions result in a very low net income on their tax returns. This low net income prevented them from qualifying for a loan.The good news is the...
The days when a borrower would walk into a local bank looking for a rate quote for a home purchase are almost gone. Most of the rate shopping and loan originating is done online. One of the go-to places for consumers over the past few years has been LendingTree.LendingTree has become a name that ...
There absolutely are costs associated with an FHA loan. There is the minimum down payment of 3.5% and closing costs as well. However, there are multiple ways to reduce this cost down to zero if you follow the various options and steps.The Federal Housing Administration has provided multiple avenu...

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