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The home buyer tax credit deadline is approaching and there are many people scrambling to either find a home or get a signed contract to take advantage of the credit. I am not sure of how these contracts are going to be validated by the government but if they are not sent in to be recorded by the...
During one of my trips, I was fortunate enough to visit this old place. Can anyone tell me where it is and what it is? I will give you a few hints... It is NOT in New Jersey where I am from. It is in the USA It is located in a park It is very old There is no running water, toilet or cable TV Afte...
Monmouth Heights In Freehold New Jersey is an excellent choice of you are looking for a development with a private swim club. Monmouth Heights was built in the late 1960's, and is adjacent to the Stonehurst development of Freehold Township. It is nestled between Stillwells Corner Road, Route 524 ...
Avon By The Sea in Monmouth County New Jersey is the place to be if you are looking for a year-round beach community.    Often called “Avon” NJ, this little town is very cute and those who live there always feel a lifelong connection.   Located just north of Belmar, Avon has a population of arou...
  Raintree Condos and Townhouses in Freehold New Jersey are priced right so do not miss out on a great opportunity to buy. Raintree is a gated condo / townhouse community with almost 1000 condos and/or townhouses and over 200 single family homes. The units have either one or two bedrooms, and som...
It seems like just a couple of months ago I wrote #100. Time flies when you are having fun. Since the last milestone, I started to write more posts that were not all business and more related to localism or common interest. Those posts seem to appeal to the other AR members more based upon the nu...
This can happen when hot burning grease spills onto your deck. I did something similar to this 15 years ago when a bucket full of wood stove ashes caught fire on my deck. Left a hole similar to the picture below. The title of this post seems like a no-brainer. But people just do not get it someti...
I reached the #2 spot in Monmouth County NJ this evening. Ed McMahon did not show up at my door with a big check, but it was good to see that "FEATURED" blurb next to my county. The gentleman who occupies the top spot has not posted in a very long time so it should be just a matter of time before...
I took a trip last year and the photos below are from the same location. Who can guess where this is? It may be very easy for some of you. Just knowing the state is not good enough. I am looking for LOCALISM!  This trip was right before 4th of July weekend last summer. The family had a great time...
Burlington County Mortgage Loans and Lenders If you are a first time home buyer planning to buy your dream home or refinance in Burlington County, then please allow a Burlington County Lender such as Dream Home Financing the opportunity for a first time home buyer to get the best combination of ...

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