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Learn more about New Construction Radon Mitigation Systems from our Certified Professional Home Inspector.  Call or schedule a radon test for your home at www.dreambighomeinspections.com 
We've got all your home inspection needs covered! Check out our latest video and find out what Dream Big Home Inspections has to offer. Jason Lipman, Certified Home Inspector(303)709-6288www.dreambighomeinspections.com
A great article and something home buyers should keep in mind when house hunting. We include the life expectancy of appliances, water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, etc... in our home inspection report if they're reaching the end of life. Since this is an additional cost that you'll have to...
I often come across things during home inspections that are costing the homeowners money without them realizing it. Most of them are very small things that can easily be changed. My wife and I made many of these changes years ago and our electric bill went down significantly.  1. Turn Down Your W...
Trustworthy ♦ Affordable ♦ Reliable ♦ Experienced  Dream Big Home Inspections is family owned and operated by my wife and I. We are both Colorado natives and can't imagine living anywhere else. We have served this great state as law enforcement officers for almost 20 years. I also obtained my re...
I've run across quite a few Federal Pacific Electric Panels while inspecting homes, so I thought I'd share some information about the hazards of having these panels installed on your home.  What does your electrical panel do?An electrical panel distributes electricity throughout your house. The c...
At Dream Big Home Inspections, we use the most advanced technology available. If Infrared Thermal Imaging isn't being used, then you're not getting a thorough home inspection. Thermal Imaging has always been included on our home inspections because we believe it is such a valuable detection tool ...
The market is flooded with home inspectors and in order to earn your business, inspectors are doing more and more to stand out from the competition. When you look for a home inspector, you'll probably notice numerous home inspection companies offering a slew of free warranties and other services...

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