Of course they do! I know it, you know it, so why even try, right? Because according to all research most home buyers begin their search online and most Internet buyers use the first agent they get in touch with. Maybe because you got some low hanging fruit one time from your website and that bec...
I received some good feedback from the previous post. Since there seems to be demand for this kind of information I will keep running with it as long as there is an interest. Custom 404 pages: If a search engine spider finds a broken link on your site it will run into a dead end, which can hinde...
One of the things I would like to do for all of you is give you some education on proper SEO techniques so that you may either employ them yourselves or at least know some of the right questions to ask when looking for a marketing partner. Canonicalization: Canonicalization is the process of pic...
I recently spoke with an agent in the San Diego area and came to a couple of conclusion on education. I believe one of the biggest challenges that an agent faces is the lack of education by their prospects. One thing the Internet has done for real estate is educate a potential home buyer or sell...
Keys to Internet Marketing Over the last few years of working with Realtors with their Internet Marketing I have come up with some critical keys to success, with regards to the Internet. Not listed here is what I deem the very most important…education. Let’s face it; the biggest obstacle that yo...
So this is my first post here at AR. I have been working as an Internet Marketing Consultant for Realtors for the last 5 years and just started with an SEO company. Over the last few years with over 500 clients under my belt I think I have learned a little about Real Estate marketing.  I recentl...
Hi everyone I am new to active rain and am pleased to find a great community of so many real estate professionals.


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