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Obviously this transaction is before the Dodd Frank Legislation. A Realtor brought me a 2 paragraph real estate transaction and the one page is the only page he gave me. I told him that the bank would not accept the one page contract but he was adamant and declared it would be accepted. He was 92...
I am happy about this video. It was for a TV Commercial and then we used it as the opening of our TV Show for years. It is now posted on our website - It is several years old and a mistake I made was cancelling the 800 number because that is no longer our number and the vid...
This information came to me from an email from Finance of America.So many times borrowers want to "clean house" to prepare for the appraisal visit. That is always a good thing but not required. Below is a list of things that are actually required.Borrowers/sellers, brokers, and realtors may all b...
Realtors can assist with the financing simply by knowing the answers to these questions. The list here are the reasons that loans are turned down or the process is slowed down. 1. How much is the down payment and where is that money? VA requires 0 down payment, FHA requires 3.5%, and most convent...
Napolean Hill wrote that "Desire is the starting point for all achievement."I once read (cannot remember the source; think it is Dr. Norman Vincent Peale) "If God has given you a desire, He has also given you the ability to fulfill that desire."I have met a lot of people who seem to have desire b...
People go to a Financial Planner and discuss how to prepare financially for death because they care for loved ones and care about leaving a life in order. They will purchase Life Insurance in various forms and invest liquid assets for growth and safety. I know  I want things to be taken care of f...
In 1989 I worked for a company called Mortgage Loans America and our company had what I still consider today to be the best loan I have ever seen for consumers. The loan was called the American Dream and it was a Freddie Mac test and Mortgage Loans America was the only company in the United State...
This may be different across the nation but in California I always recommend that if people are changing the names on the property (Title) that they spend some time with an expert; attorney, title company, or CPA. I have seen people make moves on the title to a property that ended up costing them...
I once heard  the job of a CEO is to make it "bigger and better". In most situations that is probably a good definition. But companies have life cycles and there are times when another approach may be needed. The same with sales. In the beginning of a career it is developing network ties and gett...
There are 4 loan boxes; the credit and credit score box, the down payment or loan to value box, the rules boxe - Fannie, Freddie, FHA, Jumbo, etc (all have different rules) and the debt ratio or income to outgo box. This is the basic formula - today most loans require a 42% debt ratio.  

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