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I guess I just love marketing and take advantage of every type marketing I can find. My Mortgage Magic signature line has a video clip, a click for Yelp reviews, clips for testimonials, website, Bio, Face Book, and You Tube Clips. I have magnetic signs on my car adversting Reverse Mortgages. My m...
I wish everybody could succeed in their career. I wish every Realtor was a Superstar and I wish every Loan Agent and all the others who work in sales would be Successful. I do feel in my heart that everyone who wants to be, can be, successful. Those who continually miss success; are they lazy, di...
My favorite loan before the crash was the no income stated Cost of Funds indexed negative ARM.That loan was made illegal in California by Governor Schwarzenegger. His reasoning was correct because so many mortgage originators abused the loan and simply lied to clients about how the loan worked. T...
The Reverse Mortgage Loan is basically the same as a regular mortgage loan.1. The RM has the same goal as a regular mortgage loan; to put the customer into a betterfinancial situation. If the customer has not solved a problem with the loan and made their financial situation better, the loan shoul...
They say that most major league hitters need about 1500 at bats in the minor leagues before a player is ready for the major leagues. Golfers hit thousands of drives before they become proficient. When I started playing guitar I was told that a switch from an Am to a barre F chord may take 10,000 ...
When I am working for a client on a Reverse mortgage loan I always see the property before I order the appraisal. Experience has taught me that the FHA appraisers are precise and need things to be in good condition before they sign off on the appraisal. I made the mistake of not seeing every prop...
t is stressful selling a home; there are so many things to do. Here are some things you can do upfront that will make the process go smoother.1. Get a NetSheet from your Realtor. There are fees and costs. You may as well know these from day one.2. Begin to de-clutter immediately. You are going to...
We all have our favorite sales book or motivation book. This book certainly ranks in my top three. It was not written as a sales book but note the persistence and determination. If you are really sold on yourself and your product then follow the examples from this book! 
One of the papers given to Reverse Mortgage applicants is the Amortization Schedule - Annual Projections.This print out will show the interest rate, loan balance, property value and the equity position for a number of years. A loan I am working on now shows equity position of $900,445 after the i...
A lady called me and said she and her husband are moving to a near by town and want to purchase a home. I talked to her and explained the steps to pre-approval and she said she would gather documents and get them to me. Days went by I contacted her by email; no response. I called and left a voice...

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