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Ok realtors don't hate me - I am just trying to show the power of social media and social networking.  One of the managers here at New American Mortgage who put his house up for sale last Tuesday For Sale By Owner for $299,500.  He received a full price offer in 1 week by placing it on facebook. ...
Have you purchased your ticket for the HRRA Hoorah yet?  (HRRA is the Hampton Roads Realtors Association) September 24, 2009 4-8 pm 638 Independence Pkwy Chesapeake, VA 23320 Tickets are only $25 This is going to be a fun afternoon of networking, food, music and chili cook off!    New American Mo...
This might be an oldie -but still pertains today all the more!  Thanks Jason and hopefully it will help those that don't understand realize how important social networking is for our businesses.I realized recently that we are now in the midst of a revolution and a dramatic paradigm shift in the w...
Whew it has been a whirlwind the past few months and I can't complain.  I started with New American Mortgage in the beginning of March and had more successes in the past few months I think than in my whole career as a mortgage consultant in the past 6 years.  I am so greatful for the quick succes...
I am 100% on board with technology, social networking and making things easier to communicate by emailing, texting and even skyping.  I have been teaching and speaking quite a bit lately around Hampton Roads for various groups and organzizations.  Well yesterday I got a handwritten card in the ma...
Thanks Tina Merritt and all the volunteers and sponsors who put on a successful REbar Camp here in Virginia Beach.  Otherwise known as #REBCVB  This was my first experience - I had been able to lurk in on a few of the other ones around the country thanks to the Dakno guys Bobby and Brad Carroll. ...
UNDERSTANDING YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENT     So are you ready to be a homeowner? One thing to consider in preparing for this huge step is the added expense.  I am not trying to scare you but there is more than your mortgage payment to be prepared for.  As a renter you pay your rent $1000 a month and pr...
The countdown is on and one of the many reasons it is a great time to buy right now!The rush is on.  The deadline for purchasing a home using the $8000 tax credit is November 30, 2009.   You might be surprised to find out how quickly the remaining days left to take advantage of the "free" money f...
I don't reblog as much as I probably could - Thanks Midori for reminding us another great feature on Active Rain!For some they may snub the idea of reblogging...the thought of someone else's written words on your blog, NO WAY!  If more people really understood the true value of reblogging...some ...

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