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     Don't you hate it when you are needing to use your cell phone and then you get the dreaded "No Service" Well I did find out some great news - at least for blackberry users that I had no idea we could use and might save you a call to the "Customer Service" We recently moved to an area where w...
I can't believe that when we woke up this morning there was ACTUALLY snow covering the rooftops and cars.  It wasn't alot to most people but I can't remember the last time we saw snow here.  Luckily, the schools and most businesses were closed today due to the Presidents Day Holiday.  Otherwise, ...
Tomorrow is the big day. We listed our house here in Virginia Beach in August 2007 and are now scheduled to close tomorrow afternoon. 1 1/2 years to the closing table, I didn't think it was actually going to happen.  I know it was only a house but it had alot of memories for me there as we litera...
Today is a special day for me.  Not only is it Valentines but I made it really easy for my husband Charlie because we got married on Valentines Day 4 years ago. I feel so lucky to have found someone that I can share my life with and makes me so happy! We just recently started working together and...
I am excited to announce our first speaker : Justin Hitt, Publisher / Consultant Resources for Selling Professionals. We are lucky to have him be a part of our group as his focus is to help businesses increase their online presence with SEO, search engine marketing, technology...
As you might have read "I'm Back!" I have been MIA from the blogging world for about 4 months now.  I am now having to readjust my schedule to actually make time for blogging.  I can't complain at all because it is what I have been fighting so hard to do.  So, bear with me as I get my blog style ...
I got an alarm registration in the mail last week and wanted to share with others in case you didn't receive.  Virginia Beach Police Department has asked that you register your business or home if you have a security system with a one time $10 fee.  The reason behind this is that they receive 22,...
I feel like a brand new person and so excited to be back!        For those of you that missed out or that I haven't gotton to know yet here is the story - or my goodbye blog from Tina Merrit. A Sad Story of a Wonderful Blogger. Basically after 3 years of blogging and social networking I was asked...

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