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Here are some pictures of the boys room at the home in Litchfield Manor that we just sold and wanted to share with everyone.  We will miss this room alot because my brother Richard came from California to assist us with various projects around the house including painting this room.  Richard pain...
To All The Mothers Out There : There are moments when you just sit back and realize where did the time go? When did my baby not become a baby anymore? Well, I had a moment like that last week and wanted to share.  My son Hunter will be 4 yrs old in April and last week we went shoe shopping for hi...
I can't begin to tell you how many times I run across a customer who has a story to tell about their last or current loan officer that they couldn't get a hold of.  There really is no excuse for them to not return a phone call or email to you within 24 hours. I can vouch that things come up durin...
Ok Ladies and Gentlemen..We have scheduled our next meetup for March and the RSVP's are filling up fast!    Social Media Will Change Your Business!                                                   What is social media? How can I generate leads with social media? This month's speaker is one you w...
Twice this week I had customers actually tell me that they did "Google" me to find out more information.  One customer actually was looking me up online as I was taking his application so that he could find out who I was.  After about 15 minutes of going through it with him online and even pointi...
Today is National Pancake Day - February 24, 2009   What better way to celebrate today than at IHOP with a FREE short stack of pancakes today from 7 am to 10pm.  All they ask is a donation to Childrens Miracle Network.  They have 10 locations in the Hampton Roads area to visit. What a great way t...
I recently started a new meetup in my area called The Hampton Roads Internet Marketing and Technology Group and we had our 2nd meetup last week.  Getting Started With Search Engine Marketing And Optimization  It was a Huge Success thanks to many people who contributed in various forms that I want...
I think that this is great news for the real estate investors!   Effecitve March 1, 2009 a real estate investor can now finance up to 10 properties from the previous 4 property limit according to Fannie Mae guidelines.   -You must have a 720 credit score -6 months reserves on each financed proper...
  I went to our local Norfolk WIRE ( women in real estate) last week and the meetings speaker was on 1031 Tax Exchange.  A 1031 Tax Exchange is when you exchange one investment property for another with tax-deferred benefits.  By doing a 1031 Tax Exchange you can receive tax benefits through defe...
As a mother to 2 small boys going to the grocery store can often be a "chore".  I am always looking for ways to cut corners and make my life a bit easier.  I love Walmart and the great savings I get from shopping there but often dread the long lines and congestion that comes with it.  Well at Blo...

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