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Things to Do in Fort Worth Texas – March 2014 - March in Fort Worth brings tons of great activities and events to get you and your family out of the house! Below are some of our picks for the month of March. Check them out and have a great time! Here are some of our top events in March: Foam Glow...
10 Apps For Finding Local Businesses - We’ve heard it time and time again-buying from local businesses helps support your area’s economy and benefits the community. But how do you find these shops, stores and restaurants? Many of these businesses cannot afford the expensive marketing plans that ...
Tax Tips and Write Offs For Homeowners - Tax season can be an exciting yet stressful time of year. Who doesn't want to get the best return or tax break as possible, right? Well here are a few tax tips and write offs to check into when doing your taxes this year... Tax breaks: The mortgage paymen...
Prequalified for a home loan.  What does that really mean? Prequalified for a home loan means that the borrower has actually spoken to a loan officer either in person or over the phone and based on the information a borrower has given to the loan officer. Getting prequalified for a home loan is t...
PreApproved For A Home Loan This is the first step in buying a home.  In today's real estate market most sellers will not consider an offer unless it is accompanied by a preapproval from a reputable mortgage company or bank.  Also, as a home buyer you will not be frustrated by looking at home hom...
Are you new to the Fort Worth area or heading there for a visit? A city’s food can make or break its reputation, so you’d better get the best. Fort Worth has a number of great restaurants, but where should you go to make sure you get the best the city has to offer? Here, in no particular order, ...
 The holidays may be over, but don’t let that slow you down! Fort Worth has plenty of exciting and fun events for all kinds of occasions happening. Whether you’re looking for an idea for a Valentine’s Day date night or a neat trip for the family, there’s something going on to suit your needs. Be...
Moving To Fort Worth?  Should I Move Myself? Nearly 40 million people across the United States are faced with this question yearly. Should you move yourself or should you hire movers? What works for someone you know may not work for you, as there are plenty of factors to consider such as time, ef...
When you sell your home, whether it be your first home or your tenth home, it is important to be aware of what the tax laws are and how they will affect your sale. Like most sellers, you’re probably trying to simultaneously sell your current home, while also buying a new home, adding more and mor...
You’ve found the house, signed the papers, packed everything up and then unpacked it all. After setting up your utilities and getting everything going there’s another thing you need: your mail. A few days without receiving junk mail probably seem nice, but your usual bills, magazines and packages...

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