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How many emails do you get in a day?  Dozens? Hundreds?  And how much time do you spend sorting through them?  Not a lot.  An important email needs to announce loud and clear that it's IMPORTANT -- rather than leaving it up to the receiver to intuit that this one email, among the dozens or hundre...
    Buying a home costs money.    First-time buyers often don't realize how much it costs to buy a house, over and above the purchase price.  Three different kinds of expenses are lumped together and called "closing costs." Closing costs add several thousand dollars to the cost of a home purchas...
Part Two is Getting Ready to Sell. Having decided to embark on a Sell/Buy, the next steps are the same as for any Sell.  First, address all maintenance and repair items visible to buyers.  You don't need your agent's help for this part.  Even small things -- a loose doorknob, a sagging cabinet d...
You might think that Part One of a Sell/Buy would be Sell, but no.   Just wanting to move won't get you there.  Part One of a Sell/Buy is Research and Decide.   Research comes first, and then with the information from Research you can Decide if you're ready to start down this road.  First, Resea...
I enjoy houses.  Each one is unique, with its own personality, its own strengths and weaknesses.  I also enjoy seeing how people decorate their homes.  You can see what's important to the owners by the photos and collections they have chosen to display. And sometimes it's just fun to see a way-o...
The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina serves a noble purpose: to provide food for the hungry in 34 North Carolina counties.  In just these counties, more than 560,000 people struggle each day to provide food for their families.  Sadly 30% are children, and 8% are elderly. Much of t...
So the family's at work and school and you're alone in the house, taking photos of your new listing. But when you look at the pictures later, you realize that you were being watched the whole time!
I can remember the time when certain rooms looked unfinished without wallpaper.  Kitchens and baths, in particular, were pretty much required to have wallpaper back in 1980 or so.  But time has marched on, and nobody wants wallpaper any more.  It's not a question of good looking wallpaper versus...
I often write about Lake Lynn, a City of Raleigh park that consists of a small lake and a 2 1/4 mile asphalt track around it.  I usually walk around the lake four or five times a week.  It's beautiful in all seasons! Recently I discovered a new addition to the Lake -- a box that proclaimed itsel...
When people are asked, "What is your favorite season?" almost no one answers "Winter."   Perhaps because I grew up winterless in Florida, I do love winter.  This picture was taken at Lake Lynn this morning around 9:00.  It's a color photo, not back and white; the water takes its color from the d...

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