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Okay, not what you generally think of as gluttony.  I don't go to the freezer for a carton of Chunky Monkey.  I don't go by Krispy Kreme when the "HOT" sign is on and buy a box and sit in the parking lot eating the whole thing while its still hot (though right about now....).  I am a reading junk...
Here in the Atlanta area we have a large and diverse immigrant population.  There are so many reasons they have come here, some political, some monetary, some for our freedom and a better life for their families.  Some live a fairly spartan life to be able to send money home to dependents.  A gro...
Well, its another gorgeous spring day here in Greater Atlanta. The narcissus and hyacinths are in fragrant bloom, camellias lending color all around, forsythia looking like sprays of tiny golden bells, and Bradfords sending a dusting of blossoms across your path. And it the time for a flurry of s...

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