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Home Inspector - Safety 1st Home Inspection - Tennessee license #601
In an effort to increase my visibility in my local market I recently began working on a new website. This is all pretty strange stuff for me. I feel comfortable working with my own computer, but learning about search engine optimization and those things that are done to encourage you and your com...
No profound observations or witty commentary in this blog post. Just a very simple and heartfelt thank you to the awesome real estate professionals in the Knoxville Home Inspection market who are kind enough to refer their clients to me. I am nearly booked solid next week. Two inspections per day...
Like most home inspectors, I love inspecting crawlspaces. I enjoy crawlspaces so much that I save them for the end of my inspection. Like dessert. Not. Actually when a client calls and books and inspection for a home with a finished basement or a slab foundation I secretly do a little dance of jo...
Do you ever suggest to your client not to get a home inspection? Got a call from a young man a couple of days ago who is buying his first home, a HUD foreclosure in this case, and is concerned about a large crack in the slab foundation. After I booked the inspection I made a courtesy call to let ...
Do the home inspectors that you recommend to your buying clients record any specific information about the appliances being sold with the house? If not, you may want to suggest it to them prior to or during the inspection. I have always taken pictures and recorded make, model and serial number in...

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