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It is now my third post on active rain, and I am somewhat lost. I wrote my first blog-got some comments from it from other members sent directly to my email. I then wrote the second blog---got comments again sent to my email.BUT--If I want to go back and find the blog that I wrote, where the heck...
I suppose if you are reading this post right now--you must think I won the lottery. ( I sure wish I had.)  I can imagine there every one of you has a story to tell about what bargains you have come across in the business. I myself have been interested in real estate prices and watched the market ...
I hoped if I titled my blog "the first day of the rest of my life" I might get someone to read it. In fact, this is January 10,2008 and my very first blog in active rain.  Come to think of it- my very first blog in "any" rain. I am not altogether sure I even know what the heck a "blog" is---but i...