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This Thanksgiving Eve probably has most of us tired of prepping for a meal that will take less than 30 minutes to eat. And we will enjoy it!Think about all the prep work that has gone into that meal. Then think about real estate. Do you prep as intense for a showing or listing appointment as you ...
It's that time when you should start planning for the new year. If you are not planning for success, you are planning for failure.Don't just say something like, "I'll be more successful next year."  Be SMART.S - SmartM - MeasurableA - AchievableR - RealisticT - TimelyHow often during the year do ...
Selling and buying is confusing enough. If you are going to buy and sell simultaneously, be sure to preapprove for your purchase before proceeding to To get preapproved, gather all documents needed for your new loan. You will need two years tax returns, two months bank statements, all pages, inv...
Here are a few very good reasons to get inspections for pests. It's more than about termites! There are lots of pests that invade homes and do significant damages as well as wood fungus.Typically, I request sellers get a full home inspection and WDO prior to activating a listing so that any unsee...
In addition to Lee's suggestions, my number one suggestion before listing a home is to ask the seller to get a home inspection.Nothing kills a deal quicker than a buyer inspection report with 20-30 small items that reveal the home is in poor repair. Review the report with the seller and make sugg...
This blog is worth a re-blog! We all lose our motivation at times. The key is to recognize what is happening and to determine why it has happened.Agents work very hard and long hours. Are you taking enough time for yourself? So many struggle to juggle family, work and our own needs throughout lif...
Are you a Florida Realtor? Are you here? Why or Why not?There are lots of activities, events and networking opportunities.Our keynote speaker today was Tim Tebow and we sang Happy Birthday to him! He talked about many things related to making the most out of disappointments and failures and how t...
Will shares some very good tips for maintaining your home this Summer and it's not to late to start. Routine maintenance is needed to maintain the value of your home.Also, if you live in a hurricane prone area, please be sure to prepare for the storm BEFORE it comes. It's much less stressful to b...
Many of you know I lost my Facebook page including groups and pages connected to them which was nearly 16 years of information. You can check out my blog on this topic here.I am seeking two different pieces of information from my friends. First, do you have a VPN? Which one? The good, bad and ugl...
Hacked vs Cloned by Dee TooheyI often post on social media about this topic and now I am going to share a nightmare in a serious of blogs.If your social media is hacked, you will not have access to it. Sometimes you can recover it and other times you can't. Example: Facebook requires a government...

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