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Welcome to 'DebSpenceSoldIt' – the battleground where real estate challenges meet their match! Join Deb Spence, our fearless Housing Warrior, as she navigates the wilds of the property market with a shield of expertise and a sword of wit. Whether you're a first-time buyer lost in the forest of financing, a seller besieged by market fluctuations, or a fellow realtor marching through the ever-changing terrain of real estate, Deb's blog is your fortress. In this realm, Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs housing market is demystified, victory stories are shared, and complex strategies are simplified with humor (because, let’s face it, even warriors need a good laugh). Deb doesn’t just sell houses; she conquers the real estate world one post at a time, offering sage advice, battle-tested tips, and a few hearty chuckles. Join the ranks at 'DebSpenceSoldIt' – where every reader is a comrade in arms and every housing challenge is an adventure waiting to be conquered!
 I'm an avid reader. I love to read about technology, history, real estate, and self-improvement. I recently came across a book written by a local Broker/Lawyer in my area titled "Finishing on Top: How to achieve personal goals, become successful, and experience happiness through the power of fin...
Moving forward can be challenging in business and in our personal lives. Seller's or possible seller's are currently reluctant to put their homes up for sale because of possibly not being able   to find another home. There is somewhat uncertainty in our political environment and a mirage of other...
I recently changed companies. I made an educated business decision and decided to transition from a traditional company and relocate my real estate business  to an independent franchise. My ultimate goal is to become a Broker and hang my own shingle-but baby steps for now! However, the process wa...
 You may watch television and have seen the numerous fixer upper shows that highlight the ease of being able to make quick money by purchasing a house for a low cost and then doing a complete renovation and selling it for a higher price. The television shows are exciting to watch-the drama and su...
Technology changed all five of these businesses will real estate sales be next? 1. Travel2. Video Rental3. Music Industry4. Newspapers5. Bookstores
5 Reasons to buy a Home and proof by some very smart people at Harvard1. Housing  is the one leveraged Investment available"Homeownership allows households to amplify any appreciation on the value of their homes by a leverage factor" Harvard Report2. You're paying for housing whether you own or r...
According to an article in Realtor Magazine in Jan 2018, robots are starting to do showings. Zenplace in San Francisco is using robots to conduct showings. When buyer's show up at the unit the robot greets them and leads them around with the image and voice of the agent on an ipad. Yes, I know. W...
I make my sellers happy and show my value by: 1.  Consistent and excessive amount of communication2, I provide market research3. Report market activity4. I am genuine5. I am grateful that out of thousands of Realtors my client chose me. My goal is to get from the kitchen table to the settlement t...
Small scale development can increase your real estate business. Your buy-in to real estate as an smart investment can boost your creditability. I wouldn't take advice from a stockbroker who doesn't own stock. Development also fulfills the needs of communities-especially for Urban Development. Cre...
Time Management tips to help New Realtors 1. Everyday is a new start. Begin everyday at zero.2. Say "no" more often-goes for family, friends, organizations, time wasters3. Delegate almost everything-All do what's important, valuable, meaningful, and fun4. Meal plan for the whole week.5. Always us...

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