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Business really is like a football game. Every day you have to show up with your game face on, your play book open, and be dressed and ready to play. However, showing up isn't enough. You have to get into the red zone, and then be effective once you're there.
In my previous blog post  "Email Marketing: Have We Killed the Golden Goose? Part I" I stated that I believe we have been using email marketing recklessly and as a result, consumers are ignoring their in-boxes because of the amount of irrelevant mail they have to endure.  I presented some strateg...
Three emails I would really like to send: Dear Dethroned or Exiled Monarchy, I would be happy to help you with your banking needs.  When can I expect the check?  Would it be okay if I used your money to float my business until my ship comes in? Since we are on a first-name basis, and you are so g...
With fewer buyers driving around aimlessly looking at open houses and model centers, in yesterday's blog post "Consumer Behavior in a Downturn How to Adapt & Generate Business - Part I" we were trying to shed a little light on how to adapt and position yourself in front of consumers who might hav...
Having been through multiple market swings over the years, and survived, I feel incredibly optimistic that I can still grow my business even though many are saying that we are in "hard" times.  No matter what business you are in, you can use this time to grow your business through different strat...
My business is a little different from that of most Realtors.  We are a marketing company that also happens to be a real estate company, so we are working not only with real estate agents on a regular basis but also with builders and developers.  The one thing that both builders and Realtors are ...
I am taking a page from my personal life and turning it into a coaching session.  Hope you pick up some pointers or take the opportunity to share your tips and techniques, or even vent, by posting a comment. Take care of the customer and they'll take care of you. The customer is always right, ev...
If you have a home to sell or are looking to buy, an FHA loan could be the deal maker. Now that the Jacksonville (Florida) real estate market is ramping back up, buyers are searching for the best value in a home and the best value in a mortgage.  But with all the chatter in the media about tighte...
We sent this article out to all of our clients in May and since then we have had more than a handful of people call or email and tell us that we should post this.  It seems as though we aren't the only ones who recognize that there are plenty of good things to say about the market, and that we ne...
I am a homebuilding marketing addict and I can't resist touring builder's model homes.  As a homebuilding marketing executive for a number of years, a member of the NAHB, and now the president of my own company (we provide professional real estate services to the general public as well as sales a...

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Observations on the homebuilding and real estate market from a former senior level marketing executive in the home building industry now the president of a hybrid sales and marketing firm geared to builders and developers.
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