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Business really is like a football game. Every day you have to show up with your game face on, your play book open, and be dressed and ready to play. However, showing up isn't enough. You have to get into the red zone, and then be effective once you're there.



For several weeks we held a family secret with baited breath: our beautiful Samantha had passed the at home test and was just barely pregnant.  My mother would say that you are either pregnant or not. There is no barely to it.  What my mother, who died relatively young, didn't know was that someo...
How about this story from Michigan? A pizza owner was giving away FREE pizza if you brought them a McCain-Palin sign. You can guess where this is going! Oh, dear, dear, dear. Makes me wonder what will happen at Halloween. I am now at the point that I just can't resist laughing at all of this. In ...
There are a great many challenges facing this nation: a broken educational system, apathy, the lack of affordable health insurance, jobs, the economy, and the list goes on and on. I like to think of them more as challenges than problems because we tend to work to overcome challenges and try to so...
God Bless the American Voter!   No wonder we have a bunch of knuckleheads up in Washington spending our money - our tax dollars - like it is someone else's money! The American public has voted them into office and will continue to do so until they wake up and start making informed voting decision...
The day I saw video of President Bush whooping it up with the Saudis was the day that changed forever my keen admiration of him.  Visions of Nero partying while Rome burned flashed through my mind.  Et tu, ‘W’? Et tu? I was a ‘Bushwoman’ for many years.  I prayerfully and emotionally supported hi...
The recent activities around the nation to register voters and rush them to vote prior to any vetting process is putting America on the road to having elections every bit as fraudulent as those under dictatorship. Every voter in America should be required to properly register, have their eligibi...
Okay, so as I told fellow AR bloggers Ted Baker, Cheryl Gilliam and Angelia Garcia last night that I dropped out of the blogging world for a month as I sort of got myself into the weeds and turned a par four with a dog leg into a double bogey.  Golfers will understand exactly what I mean by that ...
In my previous marketing-related post, Focus On The Steak and Not the Sizzle, I discussed the importance of focusing more on the steak and less on the sizzle. To focus on the steak and capitalize on your brand, forget about working on your logo and tagline for a moment.  Instead, gather your team...
As a professional marketer, I have always been taught to sell the sizzle, not the steak. The problem with selling the sizzle is that often companies begin to rely strictly on the sizzle and forget that what the customer really wanted in the first place was a good steak.  For many companies, brand...

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