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Business really is like a football game. Every day you have to show up with your game face on, your play book open, and be dressed and ready to play. However, showing up isn't enough. You have to get into the red zone, and then be effective once you're there.



The other day I happened to answer a "sales" call at our office.  The prospect called in and he was doing such a good job of asking the textbook "buyer" interest questions that I thought he might be a shopper* from one of our builder competitors.  Not that I am jaded and think that all "buyers" a...
If you are following the group News Junkies then you might remember that I did a post where I chastised California bounty hunter Anthony Padilla for using the tragic story of missing Orlando toddler, Caylee Anthony, as a shameless PR opportunity and for creating what was already a circus into a p...
How do you recruit new agents to your firm?  We really need to ramp up our general real estate activities and create an additional revenue stream for our company, plus we are sitting on site for clients and need to have a general real estate agent available to work those buyers who are outside of...
Here’s a quick tip to figure out what the general public really thinks about your homes, communities, amenities and site agents.  (Note to Realtors: You can use this at Open Houses to collect valuable buyer perceptions about your listings.) Have someone greet and interview your model visitors as ...
We have thousands of sheets of our high-quality company letterhead and beautiful matching envelopes stored in our supply closet.  Designed in-house, our stationary is full color, embossed, and printed on expensive paper that reflects the essence of who and what we feel we are to our clients. Unfo...
Do you use postcards, letters, newsletters and other direct mail pieces as a part of your promotional strategy? Recently, someone sent me a direct mail piece that I still can't figure out.  The offer was for a land / vacation home package at a price that caught my attention.  A price that would d...
Someone needs to tell hurricane Fay that she needs GPS.  We never (well, ALMOST never) get hurricanes here in Northeast Florida.  Local lore is that it is that cute little tummy tuck up there at the crown of the state just to our north that sends them up to either Georgia or the Carolinas. I can ...
California "celebrity" bounty hunter Leonard Padilla is in Orlando apparently formulating a plan to bail Casey Anthony out of jail.  Anthony has been a guest of the Orlando judicial system for a month on charges of obstructing justice, making false statements and child neglect related to the disa...
There is something about the Olympics that gets even the least sports-minded couch potato involved and interested in the medaling at the Olympic games.  The world gets hooked on the Olympics with the Grand Opening Events and follow every event even though we ourselves are likely to never compete,...
Are you chronically addicted to the all news stations such as FOXNews, CNN, MSNBC, etc?  Do you watch Hannity and that other guy, won't miss O'Riely, or prefer Katie over Greta?  Do your friends and family think that your car radio only has one station: Talk Radio? Are you the type of person that...

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