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When the Minneapolis real estate market was red hot over the past couple of years buyers were looking for anything they could to give them an advantage. Inventory was low and buyer demand was high. The best homes sold in days, if not hours, and often times with multiple offers. In this highly com...
5100 Morningside RoadSaint Louis Park, MN 55416 Welcome to 5100 Morningside Road located in the Browndale neighborhood of Saint Louis Park. This recently renovated home resides just across the street from the popular Browndale Park. The home features 4 bedrooms (2 on the main level, 2 on the uppe...
This week in Minneapolis Real Estate Myth Busters we'll look at the best time of year to be a buyer. Some times it's best to zig when others are zagging (or at home drinking egg nog.) Let's look at why winter home buying might just save you some serious money.
The Ivy CondosĀ is a unique development in downtown Minneapolis. It's actually known as the Ivy Hotel + Residence and as it's name implies it is a combination of luxury condos and a hotel making it a one-of-a-kind building for Minneapolis. It opened as the condo market started to decline and went ...
The North Loop is a very pet friendly neighborhood and below you'll find a list of all the pet friendly North Loop condos and lofts. Every building has different rules regarding size, breed, height and number restrictions. River Station, for example, allows dogs on the first level homes, but only...
Ok, I found them. The best cupcakes in Minneapolis. I never paid much attention to the pink building, but the 'cupcakes' finally caughy my eye so I ventured in. Sweet Retreat offers a wide variety of cupcakes and they sell them by any quanitity. I picked up two tasy treats which included Smore's ...
There are a lot of myths when it comes to buying and selling Minneapolis real estate. One of them is this idea that working with the #1 agent when buying or selling really matters. We've all seen the billboards, bus benches and get mailings from the #1 this or that agent. Isn't it funny just how ...
We're all familiar with the term "cash is king," but is it true? When buying Minneapolis real estate it's a good idea to understand what advantages financing types might have on a transaction so you can adjust your strategy accordingly. Let's look at the idea of cash is king and see if it's true ...
When it comes to Minneapolis Real Estate there is a lot of advise out there. Everyone wants to tell you it's a great time to buy and it is, for some people, but everyone has unique circumstances. So, for you, should you be renting, buying or couch surfing?
Ok, let me get this straight. As the listing agent you represent the seller. As the buyer agent I represent the ummmm buyer. Now that we have that cleared up I think you'll understand why I won't provide you with feedback regarding the showing on your listing with the exception of either writing ...

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