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Just wanted to let everyone know that  I cove the whole Inland Empire and Orange County....My name is David Nasser Im licensed and Insured.  Im an ICC certified Building Inspector and a member of the International Association of Home Inspectors.   David Nasser 951-536-1058 www.pyramid-home-inspec...
Im averaging two a week now.....Im still in the game part-time. Im definitely thinking of going full time. Low prices, tax breaks etc...are really bringing in new buyers..   David Nasser www.pyramid-home-inspections.net
Realestate is really picking up in the Riverside area !!! People are buying up the houses at the very low prices.....   David Nasser wwww.pyramid-home-inspections.net
Just as a Human Being has vital signs.....so does a  Residential Home. The electric system, plumbing system and gas systems serve as the vitals signs of a residential home. If these systems are in usuable working condition. A home buyer can feel confident that the life of the home.....will be sat...
Pyramid Home Inspections is a Licensed and Insured Home Inspection company dedicated to giving Home Buyers a Professional Certified Home Inspection with the latest Home Inspection Software in the Industry.
With all the foreclosures on the market it has really made a Home Inspectors job much harder and  more necessary. I really have to slow down and list the numerous defects I observe on these abandoned foreclosed properties.  For Home Buyers it is essential that you get a Home Inspection on a Forec...
I must have seen this movie 5 times as a kid......I love the southern theme and the song olde to Billy joe. I finally looked it up on Youtube. This is my first post that is not  Realestate specific but I thought I would share this.......The Beat and music of this song is awesome.   David Nasser 9...
There has to be some  Realtors who made money; when money was flowing in the streets for about about 5 years that are in good shape now.  Are you one of them or do you know of anybody ? Some wise realtors made alot of money and did not spend it all. They invested wisely and right now are sitting ...
Im looking to really inform existing Home owners on the value of a Home Inspection. Why? Over the years systems get worn and outdated. Eventually things start to fail. Plumbing problems appear, electrical problems manifest themselves, roofs are at the end of their life. etc.... Every system in th...
Anybody got that info ?  I would like to know the actual number. Then I can try and get my share. Im trying to consistently always do 12 home Inspections per month. If I can do 12 or more I could be a full time home Inpsector.     David Nasser www.pyramid-home-inspections.net 951-536-1058 ICC Cer...

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