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Of course Red is a color that really grasps other's attention, but it also a color of passion, excitement, and anger. Use red whenever you want to boost your energy. Try to stay away from using red in bedrooms as you might never sleep as well. Avoid red where direct sunglight hits the most.   htt...
Like purple, blue is in the same spectrum of colors. It also is peaceful, relaxing, and calming. Its a great color to use to relax, and keep to yourself with your innner thoughts. Using Navy blue can promote study habits and intellectual thoughts as they represent knowledge and lighter blue for m...
Design tip of the day!Feeling uncomfortable? Not getting enough sleep in your own bedroom? Maybe you should change it up and paint your room a different color! Colors have very powerful meanings, they have a direct play on emotions. In a bedroom, painting it purple helps with meditation and heal...
When you're in your office working for long hours a day, it could really strain your body both physically and mentally. To help promote a more natural working environment here's something to try! Position your work area farthest away from the entrance to have a power position. Don't ever positio...
Don't position your bed directly in front of the door. Allow it to be approachable from both sides and as far away as the door. 
Best way to furniturize and accessorize a Feng Sui Dining Room The number one rule to Feng Sui is minimalizing. You should not clutter anything and limit your accessories. Having a simple mirror on the wall to reflect the food enhances the positive energy throughout the room.  Wood furnitures are...
Design Tip of the DayWhat is the best way to position a dinning room?TheIdea of Feng Sui is allowing different flow of energy, whether it's negative or positive. In a living room, positioning a dining room to theeast is idealistic for more of a lively atmosphere, South-east for conversations, We...
Consider your guest bathroom Designing a guest bathroom is much more than just visual appeals. Take consideration of the space regardless of your guests size, lightings, and even where fans are located. Your lightings should be placed conveniently for the guests so when they stand in front of a m...
Design tip of the day!When picking artwork for your room you should keep in mind the strongest colors in the room. Picking art that has the main colors in the room will tie together the whole space and give the feeling that the art really belongs. Make sure when you hang paintings and photos tha...
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