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Check in your state for rebate programs. The states provides a lot of residential rebate programs!   For an example Mass bay state company offers various rebates for commercial, builders, and residential. So check various companies websites and your own for rebates and free energy audit http://go...
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Make sure you regularly clean your vents with a vacuum or a broom! Make sure none of the vents are being blocks by drapery, furnitures or rugs or else it would be a total waste! Double check every room that's being heated. This could provide you a chance to reorganize your room for the winter!   
Did you know based on your annual income and household members, you may qualify for aid by the state? Fuel Assistance: Subsidies to reduce the price you pay for energy services. Utility Discount Rates: Discounted rate that lower what you are charge for the energy you use. If you qualify for Fuel ...
Deck the halls with LED holiday lights! A typical box of Christmas lights cost from 10.00 to 20.00. Usually 40Watts, and the average amount used are about 20 strands. So the amount costs would be around 10 dollars a month to run for 3 hours a day. But if you're one of the many families who decora...
Try and only use space heaters / electric heaters in some kind of emergency only. It's a complete myth that electric heaters cost a lot less then heating your house. In most cases they increase the amount of energy you use by 70%. They are also very hazardous and if not used carefully and left un...
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Energy saving tip of the day!During the winter i'm always tempted to stand under the hot shower when I wake up for as long as I can. But when I saw my heating bill I'm sorry to say that has been a lost routine :( Instead, if you cut shower time in half it can save you 33% on your hot water heati...
In the winter, the air starts to get very dry inside your home. But, did you know that because humidifier's adds moisture in the air, it makes the room seem a lot warmer than it's set on the thermostat!   Come check out  for more tips and info!
Energy Saving Tip of the day!Have a fireplace at home? When you aren't using it, don't forget to close it! You can loose up to 8% of heated air just through the chimney! But, If the fireplace is never used, the damper should be sealed with weather stripping ( The process of sealing openings, doo...

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