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Energy Saving Tip of the day! Refrigerator coils can get especially dirty. Dirt and dust can built up from years of build up and impedes air flow thus making the appliance less efficient and forcing the refrigerator to work harder. It has been estimated that dirty coils can cut energy use by 6%. ...
It’s important that in all rooms that are not being constantly used are sealed and closed so that there’s no loss of energy. Close the vents and make sure all windows are locked. Even when windows are not locked, it can still allow air to travel through.
Is your client’s kitchen, tired, old, and outdated? Is doing a full kitchen remodel out of the budget? At New England Design and Construction we understand it is not always possible to hire a firm to completely gut and remodel a kitchen. This is why we have put together a list of seven easy ways ...
Energy Saving Tip of the day Look for ways to use other lighting controls such as sensors, dimmers, or timers to reduce your energy use. Investigate which rooms are being used the most and least in your home. Also be aware of the type of lighting controls you use in certain rooms. Sensors would ...
Jan 03, 2010 By New England Design and Construction Although doing full gut kitchen remodels can be very satisfying where you replace all your appliances, tiles, counter top, cabinets, and lighting, it can be very expensive and place a huge dent in your piggy bank! Instead of replacing everythi...
Replace standard (incandescent) light bulbs and fixtures with compact or standard fluorescent lamps.  For an example. A typical light bulb (100w) will last about 1000 hours and cost 50 Cents. A fluorescent light bulb would be only 25w last 10000 hours but it costs 2.50 each.  But because fluores...
When buying new appliances buy Energy Star! Energy Star products save a lot of energy. For an Example, Energy Star refrigerators use 20% less energy than a standard one, and a new Washer would use almost 50%  less energy! So choose energy star, save yourself energy.
Jan 02, 2010 By New England Design and Construction In regards to any kind of design or remodeling you must plan accordingly. Because this isn't some random simple task you can put on your To-Do-List. It requires a lot of time and through-rough investigation. Begin with a theme you want to achi...
Dec 30, 2010 By New England Design and Construction Too many times have I approached such a tragic bathroom like such below and just wondered, how people possibly let this happen. Don't leave your bathroom so bland and dark like this! The room should feel like you could stay in there for a long...
Dec 8, 2010 By New England Design and Construction Couple nights ago when I got home from a friend's house for dinner. I noticed he doesn't actually recycle at all... period.... When I asked him why, he said it was way too complicated and so many things he didn't know how to do or how to separa...

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