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What States Have The Most People Moving To North Carolina?I find this topic very interesting, just where are the people moving to North Carolina coming from? We hear all the time about how great the state of North Carolina is and it’s on, or close to every top ten list in the past five years. Nor...
This is very good information from Reuben Saltzman about stone siding which is of course not made from stone at all and is a man made product called Masonry Veneer. I suspect there are some people who bought homes with masonry veneer  who think they have real stone on their homes. It is similar t...
Natural Mosquito Repellant and Saving Lizards Mosquitos are everywhere this year, and Clayton,NC is no different to most of the United States. Dallas is taking measures to combat the scourge and so am I.I promised this year to wage war on the mosquitos because they seek out my sweet irish blood, ...
I took the boys to the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, their last week of freedom before school started. I just bought the iPad for work and wanted to see what it could do in a different setting.......You know charging elephants versus single family detached homes. I have a Zagg keyboard case, wh...
Mother Of God In Heaven And All Things Holy, Do I live In The Jungle ?This monster appeared at my shed yesterday and almost gave me a heart attack. I’m not afraid of spiders, I give Black Widows a wide berth, and the Brown Recluse is never welcome near the house, but I try to let the others do th...
Looking For A Vacuum For Your Car In Clayton, NC..... That Works?You know the feeling, you need to vacuum out the car and you pull into a gas station, drop a dollar in quarters into the slot, and............Pathetic sucking!All the darn thing does is move the dirt around, I am on building sites a...
Johnston County Schools Are Opening.......Monday August 27th is opening day for Johnston County Schools in North Carolina. I took Conor to orientation at Archer Lodge Middle where he is going into seventh grade. It was amazing to see the crowds of people, cars everywhere parked on the grass, on t...
$2,655,000 in new home sales, the first six months of this year, 2012. I would have to say the market is picking up, but before that there was the months and months of groundwork, meeting with clients, matching builders with buyers reviewing floor plans, showing homes and selling a neighborhood o...

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