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Your Abilities: You are detailed, dedicated, focused, efficient, and supremely organized; able to multi-task in an emotional environment and relate to several kinds of personalities. You have superior writing skills, adept interpersonal skills, and able to manage an organic work load. You have a ...
Pittsburgh, PA (June 12, 2008) Prudential Preferred Realty is proud to announce the addition of Steven Friedman as Chief Operating Officer, Residential.  Steven has an unparalleled industry reputation, focusing on real estate sales management. For over 17 years, he has been a...
  Last night, after writing a new entry, a very popular blogger from Active Rain (DC) told me I should write more.  That we, as a collective whole, need more inspiration.   I agree with him.   Now, please don’t misunderstand, I am not saying I am taking it upon myself to inspire anyone.  I am jus...
Hey everyone...can you guys please make comments for me on this one.  They are keeping track... http://narblog1.realtors.org/mvtype/ypn/2008/05/when_youve_had_a_bad_day.html#more Thanks!!!!   Darrin
So, here's the cool news...people have noticed I haven't had time to write.  Here's the better news, I have god reason.  I've been a tad busy.  The Chevy Chase office is doing something incredible.  When comparing listings sold from January 1 to May 12, 2007, to the same dates in 2008, we have i...
Many of us, me included, don't take time to realize that things can get out of control if we let them.  Look, we deal with emotion everyday - from buyers, sellers, other agents, and even ourselves.  But what if the emotion is based on the kind of frustration that is so real you want to cry yourse...
Serenity NOW! On Waters Edge...This townhouse could be the seclusion you've been hoping for. Situated on a the lakeside of Black Hills State Park, this recently updated townhouse has a new kitchen, new carpet, new windows, hard woods, and a wonderful opportunity for those willing to make this the...
So say-eth did the Lord! On the 8th day he invented the internet! Serious question - you ready? 1) What year was it when you signed up for your first email account (and who was the provider?) 2) What year was it when you started paying bills online (and how sick did you feel afterwords knowing th...
SO, I'm buying a house.  I know what you're thinking, "Darrin, you a broker.  You manage 67 agents and oversee a gazillion deals a month.  What oh what are you worried about?"Well, I'll tell you.Everything!Now, listen, before you think I'm mad, I have great people working on this deal with.  A gr...
I just wrote a blog on Realtor Mag Online all about the emotion of it all.  I can't repost it here but I wanted to continue the discussion.  So when was the last time you lost it? Tell the truth.The toll we take either from our clients or each other can be intense.  I know.  Part of my job as a l...

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