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In an effort to stimulate excitement in the fourth quarter, I held a contest in the office for agents who ratified a contract(s) during the last couple months of 2007.  We had a strong push and a nice amount of agents qualified for the winnings.  What did they get for their efforts?  A free trip ...
So, I was in a real estate manager’s seminar recently.  And other than being somewhat bored there was something the trainer said that made me almost fall out of my chair and have convulsions.She said, “this business is about food, fun, and friends, and if you don’t have those three things agents ...
***Full disclosure - This is the blog I wrote for Realtor Magazine Online / YPN Lounge*** Some — many, actually — will tell you that real estate is about three basic principles: location, location, and location.Of course it would be silly to dispute it. Right?Question: What if the three sacred la...
Hey Everyone: Realtor Magazine just posted a blog entry of mine. You can find it here... http://narblog1.realtors.org/mvtype/ypn/ It looks like they are measuring the bloggers by how many responses they get so if you don't mind, please post a response - even if it's just a word. It means a lot to...
On Saturday morning a rookie in my office was sitting at the front desk for “opportunity” time. It was 9:20 and she received a call from a prospective buyer. Twelve hours later she was on her way home - in the meantime she showed a few homes, wrote a contract, and killed herself on the way to exh...
Sometimes even I can get surprised. I manage a real estate office, and in so doing I meet a lot of people doing what I do, and usually, I get what you get - I meet the 90% of people who should be doing something else. But yesterday I met someone who blew me away. Now, it wasn’t his volume or his ...
I have a question: if you keep telling yourself things are bad, does it make you feel better? I didn't think so. The truth of the matter is that we have a responsibility as agents to stay positive, and as a manager I have prided myself on that. I have always believed in the 80 / 10 rule (you know...

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