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DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL TO OUTSMART MOTHER GOOGLE?? An interesting post this a.m. about "Article Spinning" got my attention since the article contained the word "Google" which will always get my attention. HIDING UNDER THE BLACK HAT.  The writer's description o...
I'm number #1 - well, after the first 10 results! That's a statement that plagues many agents who appear at the "top" of the search engines. That's because for so many local based searches, Google first shows the local "7-pack." Suddenly, being "#1" organically means your site doesn't show up unt...
Save Repair Costs, Mobile Auto Repair, Repairs and Service To Your Car Onsite.  Matt 778.389.9555 I discovered this great service when my RV had motor problems. It is very expensive to tow an RV. Matt came out and did all the repairs onsite. I saved money on the tow bill and his rates were far l...
Participation in Direct Mail Campaigns to Your Target Market on a Wholesale Basis For a fraction of the cost of doing direct mail campaigns monthly to your complete target market a system can beset up with major savings.  The returns on this marketing is up to 25 times the effectiveness of the re...
Development Of Advertising with Your Suppliers Paying Part of the Advertising Cost A major reduction in you advertising costs can be achieved by co-marketing with established cooperative marketingbudgets set up by your suppliers.
Research and Development of Prospects Who Share Your Top Clients Classification Code. Research of the classifications that your best customer lists are now in is extremely profitable.     For example, if youhave good results with one market segment, I can research and deliver the entire market in...
These differ greatly from the little local papers we talked about earlier. These will generally service the entire city, this may not service your needs as you may not want to travel 20 or 30 miles out of your area. When you are expanding to larger areas, however, these papers can be quite an ass...
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Are you invisible on Google? If they can't find you, they can't buy from you.   Here is an example ofthe effectiveness of SEO and paste each into google to see the ranking. The results will come for ZCPatoc from Google map, Oval Living Blog, Oval Living website, a...
These are INTERNET ITEMS that  I have discovered that                                   I would like to share with you.                  I use them daily and have found them quite useful. are FREE to use and may help make your daily life a little easier. ...
 The old bulletin board is very effective at providing cost effective advertising aimed at the local neighborhood. Make sure that you make your ad with detachable phone number tabs WITH YOUR NAME ON IT! So many people pick up a phone number tab and forget what the number was for a day later so th...

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