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The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rolled out proposed changes to RESPA including changes to Good Faith Estimates (see the proposed changes). HUD claims that the proposed changes will make it easier for borrowers to see the true costs associated with getting a loan and will all...
The situation regarding foreclosures in Loudoun County made international headlines by being featured in a story in The Economist entitled "Foreclosures In America; Searching For Plan B" (this week's issue).
Many sellers with their homes on the market are wondering, "Where have all the home buyers in Loudoun County gone?" Well, the answer is they haven't gone anywhere - they're still right here. The reason why some sellers haven't seen any buyers come through their property and/or why they haven't re...
The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) just announced this morning that they will no longer be collecting taxes and fees, including the higher Grantor's Tax, effective immediately. They are instructing people not to contact the NVTA for refunds at this time. Once they have the refu...
So many things on the internet are free.  That is what makes it so great and why it has grown so big so fast.  And a lot of the things that are free have added features that you can buy if you so chose.  The business model is to give away the basics and create a large audience or user base, and t...
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced today that they will no longer be honoring appraisals from lenders' in-house appraisers or appraisal management companies that are owned or controled by the lender. Fannie and Freddie have agreed to new standards designed to ensure independence of the appraisa...
Many consumers are wondering why interest rates are going up (click on image to enlarge) despite the approval of the economic stimulus bill and higher loan limits on Feb 13. To help answer this question, here is an article from Cathy Jones, Senior Mortgage Lender with OlympiaWest Mortgage Group:"...
During my closing/settlement today, I spoke with the settlement attorney regarding the Grantor's Tax. He told me that the clerks of all the local courts in Northern Virginia said that sellers are still required to pay the new Grantor's Tax because the courts have not been told otherwise by the Vi...
I gave instructions on how to get your money back if you paid the extra grantors tax in this post.  I have found out that there will be at least a ten day hold on processing these refunds due to an appeals process with the state of Virginia Supreme Court.  So don't try and get your money just yet...
Some good news...Loudoun County saw a drop in the number of and percentage of new foreclosure/REO and short-sale listings last month (February 2008) from the previous month (January 2008). For the statistics, check out this post on Loudoun Foreclosures (my real estate blog).

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