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I focus on cabins, homestead properties, and raw land for sale in Utah. I'm a bit of anomaly, I know. :-) I'm not in real estate because I always wanted to have a career in real estate (no offense!). I'm in real estate because I own a company that consults and designs self-sufficient homesteads. This means we help people with things like: - Off-grid energy (solar mostly) - Wells and water security - Smart home construction (ICF construction, cabin kits, shipping containers, straw bale housing, etc) - Fruit and nut orchards - Livestock - Gardens, food forests, and other food production Although many homesteads are located in "outskirts" or rural densities, there are plenty of ways we can help folks be more self-sufficient in suburban and urban areas as well (I definitely know my way around a 3/2 in the burbs)! If I can help you or your clients (or you're just interested in what I do), send me a message. Look forward to connecting!
If you've made it passed the headline, you already know what this is going to be about.... yep, losing deals because of low appraisals!We've all been there. Perfect listing, perfect buyer, and a lot of excitement both ways. And then comes the coroner's appraiser's pronouncement "low value." Becau...
I have often wondered if there is a legitimate case where the buying and selling parties of a real estate transaction are best served by the same person. To be honest, I'm not sure I can think of one. But in a numbers game, the payout can be extremely lucrative for a licensee. With the help of a ...

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