Have you noticed, some of us often forget, life here on earth is not forever.It is a good idea to tell someone every day you love them. You do know there are millions of people who are not as fortunate as you and I.As for myself I began before some of you were born, and did not know what I was do...
WHY?     Maybe I can help.No matter which of the 50 states you live in, still maybe I can help.First, a couple of reasons WHY not maybe the best time to buy a home in the past 50 years.1 Interest rates are lowest ever   2.8% When I got out of the Navy and bought it was 7%2 Write off the interest ...
Now you may not need to read this. If everything in your life is going great, you don't have cancer or any other medical problems or issues. You are financially independent, you are good looking, if you are a man and are not bald, or have gray hair.If you are in sales and this is one of the best ...
Seriously, think about it I believe we are more than halfway through it. It is the worse thing you have ever experienced in your life most likely at least as far as the time that has been involved in this.I know we experience the death of a relative or friend but that goes away after some time. T...
Have you ever noticed, when you are having a bad day, what I mean by this is two or three negative things that have happened to you, maybe several over the past few weeks or a couple of months?And then all of a sudden someone was NADOTA to and you felt totally happy, excited, energetic, just feel...
What do you think? We are halfway through it? Over halfway through it? How many challenges has it created for you?What have you learned to do differently?I am excited that we are over halfway through it.Oh remember things will not be the same when this is over, like they were the first of 2020 or...
Now I am not talking about the belief we find in the bible, although the belief or believe I am writing about must have initially come from the bible.For this writing let's talk about the belief or believe in SALES, and particularly the sales of real estate, since I am in my 41st year, and the pa...
Please call and talk with me, you decide if I am the best agent to pay you an above-averagereferral fee. And my experience of helping over 930 sellers and buyers, will provide the experience, that you want for your clients you refer to the Phoenix metro area. Maricopa county.  
You know how life is, you have other things happening in your life. You disappear from certain things.I am very excited to be writing again.Hoping to bring you some humor, and some ideas about real estate sales.You can go to Dan Dee McGinnis on Youtube I post a video every day.Wow! What an aggres...
With everything that has been going on the past few years, even in the past few months, we are experiencing something like never before.We need to focus daily on our mindset, it is very important to watch what you are focusing yourthoughts on.One great idea, avoid the news for a week at a time.If...

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