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I saw this coming years ago and lenders have talked about it earlier this year.  The restructuring of Home Loans continues.  The minimum credit score requirement increases to 640 effective November 15th 2010 with the loan locked in, not just getting a desktop underwritten approval.  That means if...
Unfortunately short sales and foreclosures are the majority of houses on the market today.  Many people have a misconception about foreclosures.  Some think you can purchase a foreclosed home for nearly nothing and in few cases that's true but very few.  Depending on if it's a shell, which area i...
From 2001-2005, Interest Only, Adjustable Rate, & No Document Loans were the most popular loans used.  Unfortunately those loans were used strategically to get buyers into homes they really couldn't afford thus came the crashing of prices and the increase of foreclosures on homes once those loans...
With so many people upside down on their mortgages and foreclosures hitting all time highs, some home owners wonder can they still sell their house.  The answer is yes but a lot has to do with why is the home owner selling.  Is it because they can no longer afford their mortgage or are they tryin...
Many potential buyers who are viewing properties are asking themselves, what is a 203K, how do I use it, how long will it take to complete, what's the difference, what are the different kinds & do I have to use it.  The answers when fully explained can be the difference between a smooth transacti...
Sometimes I get phone calls from other agents saying "Hey I have this property listed if you have any buyers let me know".  I shake my head and laugh for many reasons, 1 is I have the same MLS system as they do so I know what's on the market & 2 is if you're calling agents to let them know I alre...
Depending on the outcome of the short sale there have been various answers to this question.  Majority credit is affected, some bring cash to the table, others do a promissory note, while many look for the bank to defer the difference in which many home owners still find themselves paying taxes o...
In Washington, DC no matter what market we are in, every home owner likes to believe they have the best house on the block. Many will price there house based on all of the upgrades they did over the years or some will have never done any upgrades and want to price it according to the highest sold...
Many programs funds have depleted and in order to be in a position to buy, buyers in the Washington, DC area need to take 2 major steps that will make the rest of the home buyer transaction quite simple.  Click Here - Blog. Washington, DC Real Estate Services Damon The Agent specializes in sellin...
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