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Are Back Property Taxes Considered Debt Which Must Be Paid After Foreclosure or Bankruptcy? Any money owed to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the state government in the form of taxes may be considered a debt like any other personal debt such as credit card debt or personal loan debt. Howev...
    As the amount of home foreclosures grows across America over these last 5-6 years, they reached record levels and have since ebbed. Yet throught this period of time, an interesting statistic has brought researchers at UNC to conclude foreclosures often might have been permanently prevented th...
When is it Time to Walk Away If Your Mortgage is Underwater? For many homeowners finding themselves underwater on their mortgage, it could be a surprise to them to learn just how big of a segment of the homeowner population are in the same boat. It is an embarrassing situation, and for this reaso...
Many people are unaware of the amount of people who have been forced into bankruptcy all around them. From every walk of life you will see people who are being put into difficult situations. With the number one reason to file bankruptcy based on medical reasons, it is no surprise that people are ...

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