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A lot of realtors are really on it when it come to technology and my broker is no exception. She has taught social media classes, spoke about the crucial aps that Realtors must have and so on. I approached her the other day about helping a friend/client of mine with his new I pad He had received ...
I was asked the other day what Real Estate was looking like in Tracy. I answered with the standard dribble. Inventory was still low, interest rates going up, blah blah blah. I was not happy with my answer and thought about it at length. Real Estate in Tracy really looks like the hard working men ...
I enjoy reading the bible for the obvious reasons and sometimes times find wisdom that is so overwelming I laugh at myself for having not discoved it already in my life. Sometimes I find verses that can simply be used to spice up a conversation. I came across this today and could help but think t...
As a Realtor I have learned to keep my mouth shut and not express to many opinions when with clients. Here in the Bay area if you says something positive about the Oakland A s your hardcore SF Giants fan may become and ex client very quickly. I previewed a home once for a client and gave them a r...
The city of Tracy where I live is located in California's great central valley. The valley provides many agricultural products for Americans across our vast country to eat and live healthy. Tracy is located in what is called the San Joaquin Valley and we are just about 70 mile from San Francisco....
I remember my first open house quite well. I had passed the state exam but had yet to receive my license in the mail. An agent in my office sent out an infra-office email looking for an agent to do an open for that weekend. I responded back I would like to do it. She responded back “who are you, ...
So last Saturday I am sitting home taking the day off. My 17 year old is with me for a few days so I am keeping the time open for him. He is out with friends so when my broker calls me I am happy the phone is ringing. She says “Dale, a buyer called and wants to look at a few homes today but I hav...
Once again it was made clear that when regular folks get involved, work hard without need for recognition wonderful things can and will occure. Last night our local RE council hosted a Bunco tournement. It was held at West Valley Mall in a space donated by the mall. Some 53 players got together ...
When I heard this one all I could think of was my son and how he think the same way. When we put our house up for sale, I stressed emphatically that my sons make their beds each morning. I left for work before they left for school, and I wanted to be sure that the house looked presentable when th...
I live in the city of Tracy California. Our population is roughly 85,000 and there is an area west of Tracy called Mountain House with another 9500 people. Like most Realtors here I am dismayed with the inventory shortage we face. Lots of buyers, but little to sell. Here are the real numbers we f...

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