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    What Susan didn't say is that while she works hard at her own Real Estate business, she also works very hard to help others to find path ways to success. Susan, is the inspiration behind Crown Key Realty, the broker and by default the team leader. She is a great friend, a terrific mom, and a ...
Recently I attended a luncheon held by the Central Valley Association of Realtor. The Association was installing a new President and new members to the Board of Directors. We also turned it into a charity event and of course as a way for Realtors and affiliates to renew old acquaintances. When th...
This is an angry blog post. If you dislike anger do not turn away as reading this may save your life or the life of someone close to you. A close friend is struggling daily now in a rehab facility. She has been a dear friend almost since the day I first received my Real Estate license. At anytime...
  Like a lot of people my working career began in retail. I learned that good retail is hard, and bad retail will soon go out of business. I learned people skills in retail that have been a huge benifit to me throughout my life. Sadly, a well know and respected retail business in Tracy, DVD 2 Go ...
Had lunch yesterday with a great old friend from what almost seems a past life. We had worked together at a large well know international corporation. We worked together for over a decade and both had achieved a great deal of success. Circumstances had changed for both of us, but for different re...
I have never procrastinated with anything regarding a clients needs. Never. Sometimes though in my personal life I do. My ex was 4 months prego before we married. Ok, I should have done better and not got my mom so ticked at me. The car battery was 7 years old and I knew I should replace it and n...

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