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I am writing this because it is a great Real Estate story and because it helped to restore my faith in humanity, A Realtor in my office recently took a listing on an expensive and highly desirable property. The home owner had over a half million dollars in equity. The property received multiple o...
The cost of the Freedom that we all enjoy comes with a terrible price. For over 200 years men and woman have paid that price with their lives, their limbs and sometimes their sanity. Let us all pray for our country and the brave souls that have paid the price to keep it free. The fight continues ...
One of the things I have learned is that often, my ears speak louder than my mouth. I have applied this in family situations, with clients and in reality, every aspect of my life.When you listen, actually listen without your mind figuring out what you are going to say next, thats when your ears a...
I sat with an elderly person over the weekend. They were wise and explained many things to me. I asked about relationships and received a concise answer. I was told:   1. Most men are stupid. 2. Most women are crazy. 3. Most women are crazy BECAUSE men are stupid. I ask my girlfriend about this a...
Saturday: Open house. Agent comes in with clients. Says, really like the property but we won't be writing because you are over priced. I say, write an offer based on what you and clients think its worth. He says , no we will wait till you drop the price. Sunday: Same open. Clients come in with di...
One of the tools I have employed for several years is asking my clients to decide upon a regret price. That being a price they would regret having offered or accepted. I tell them if you offer $395K for a home you really like and its listed at $400K would you have regret if you find out it sold f...
  Good morning mom. It was five years ago this evening that you were called by God to heaven. Your grandson Richard and I miss you very much. You are the kindest and wisest person I have ever known and I dearly miss the talks we shared just a few short years ago. I have the last thoughts you wrot...
Last Monday at this time I was recovering from early morning eye surgery. The result seems a lot like a miracle. Before the surgery, my left eye vision was a perfect 20-20, while my right eye vision was nothing but a blur. It effected some very important aspects of my life, not the least of which...
Here is a lesson I was taught years ago and is so simple it is easy to forget. The lesson is this, keep reminding people you are in Real Estate, even your friends, because they always forget. Talked with a long time friend (20 years) yesterday about a non RE related issue. We talked for a while h...
  If You Are Interested: Each year the first Monday of September is a national holiday called "Labor Day". It is an annual tribute to recognize the contributions of Americas workers to the strength, prosperity and well being of our great country. The labor Day movement started with simple municip...

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