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Home Maintenance suggestions, infrared (thermal) imaging technology, and lots of home maintenance ideas you can perform yourself at home.
WATCH AND HEAR LIVE TERMITES IN ACTIONClick the computer screen ACTUAL SIZE OF A LIVE TERMITE NEXT TO A DIME Of all Wood Boring insects, Termites are definitely the most damaging wood destroying insects out there. Did you know that the average single-family home has as many as three to four termi...
  Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a wet or flooded basement. Wet basements and crawl spaces are sources of high humidity, which can produce surface condensation, mildew and fungi, musty odors, and an unhealthful environment. Such moisture can cause deterioration of the foundation m...
Your deck is a valuable asset to your home. Its surface is constantly exposed to our weather extremes causing the wood to crack, fade, split, splinter, cup and warp. The majority of decks in New England are made from pressure-treated pine. Although pressure-treated wood resists insects and decay,...
I've booked an excessive amount of ice dam calls (for help) this winter season and Infrared (Thermal) Imaging has assisted me in locating the exact cause of every last one of these ice dams.     Ice dams in Massachusetts are becoming a nuisance and are causing expensive damage to many soffit area...
Wood Boring Insects infest more than 700,000 homes each and every year. Your home is your biggest financial investment, and protecting it against Wood Boring Insects should be a high priority. If left unchecked, insects can systematically destroy your home and any valuable wood objects within it....
Being a full-time home inspector, I see people living with safety hazards every day of my life. I’m always concerned with these hazards and I’d like to assist in getting these corrected, especially for our most vulnerable people...our lovely Senior Citizens. Senior Citizens are injured in and aro...
Your home is your palace and it is one of the single biggest investments you'll ever make, so be sure that you do all you can to care for it properly. When and if your thinking of Selling your home in this Buyers market, a well-maintained home usually sells more readily and will usually bring a h...
All homeowners pay a lot of hard earned energy dollars to heat their homes today and I know everyone would love to cut the monthly costs of heating their homes. With the continuous rise in heating fuel costs, the only ideal way to save money is to locate and seal those breached areas of your home...
Roof Maintenance   The roof over your head is one of the most important components of your home and I'm going to tell you how to keep it in great condition. You want to protect your lifetime investment without spending a lot of money and waiting until thousands of dollars worth of damage occur to...
  WHAT IS RADON? Radon is a radioactive gas. It's colorless, odorless, tasteless, and chemically inert. Unless you test for it, there is no way of telling how much is presently in your home. Radon is formed by the natural radioactive decay of radium and uranium in rock, soil, and water. Naturally...

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