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My husband just bought me a fancy little pocket video camera. It's one of those that you can connect directly to your computer and is the size of a thin cell phone. Ok... silly me I though, cool... I can take this and take pictures of my listing and post them on You Tube. The problem is the camer...
I am in a helping profession. Maybe some people think Real Estate agents' goals are to protect their own interests, but I disagree. The vast majority of people who came to this business joined it because they wanted to help other people reach their goals. There are a lot of pleasers (read: incred...
She's back! As some of you know I just got back from a convention in Vegas. The GMAC company (Pacific Union's parent company) put on this annual event entitled "Experience 2008". Well, since I hadn't been in Vegas since 1977, the trip definately was an experience. Back then I gambled all night o...
By Edward Segal, CEO, Marin Association of REALTORSAlthough it is true that "all real estate is local", it is also true that the Marin housing market can be impacted by outside economic factors, forces and developments. The National Association of REALTORS® recent issued an analysis for the San F...
Over the years I have advertised alot. Not just for my client's homes, but for me as a Realtor. The beginning of every year is marked my a collective fear in Real Estate. That little voice that says, you better stop eating turkey and sipping on your champagne, the New Year is just aroudn the corn...
 The following is a recap from Avram Goldman of Pacific Union. Avram takes a look each month at the entire Bay Area. What you will note is the higher priced counteis are fairing better than other counties. This is because the recent tighting of mortgage money has not hit the higher end Buyer like...
A study by Ameriprise Financial, Money Across Generations  (, shows that many Boomers are caught between financially helping elderly parents and adult children. Thus, the term "the sandwich generation." Sometimes they ope...
After being in Real Estate as long as I have you have stories! Here in this Blog I hope to tell you some stories that may or may not make a valid point. Today's story is about statistics.THERE"S NO PLACE LIKE HOME! code for there is no AVERAGE home.......Back in 2000, I had a client, a Harvard Bu...

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