Home Improvement Blog Helps Contractors Harvest The Power of Social Media The Best Home Improvement Contractor's Blog is now publishing a series of DIY articles to help contractors (and small businesses) help themselves to Social Media tools and platforms to grow their business. Written by yours ...
Larry Janesky's inspirational daily snipets for business and for life in general. Admired by business coaching superstars and inspirational gurus, such as Brian Tracy and Tom Peters for his non-nonsensical, down-to-earth and yet innovative business model, Larry Janesky, owner of Basement Systems ...
Wet basements, filthy rotten crawl spaces and cracked foundations are among the main reasons why a house can be deemed unsaleable, specially in a slow market. With so many options in the market choose from, who wants to buy a fixer upper, specially one with foundation problems? However some of t...
One of the most frustrating thingsĀ  that can happen to any good professional, in any industry, is to realize that he or she is being given a bad name due to the shady competitors' practices. Some customers are so traumatized by previous experiences with contractors that no matter how honest you a...

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