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I think most of us have been burned at one point or another when hiring a contractor to do some work. I've been there in the past when working with a contractor that my neighbor recommended. Bad decision. The end result ended up fine, but I had to be on top of the contractors every day and throug...
  Yes, I know, this is such fluff...but hey, who doesn't need to relax and just think about the Academy Awards. Don't lie, I know you're dieing to sit back and critique those red carpet snafus. So grab your and cheese, or whatever, and watch the show. So for full disclosure, I'm go...
  Are you like me and don't really understand what to do with a domain name once you get it? Come on...admit it, I can't be the ONLY one! I get that you set these up to go to your website and I have already programed them on to my company one. Ill call the IT peeps tomorrow to make sure they're ...
   Yes kids, I did grow up in the dinosaur age! This morning I found some videos that originally started as the old reel to reel, then were put on Tape, and finally put on CD's. Of course many of them are grainy...I mean, they were taken in the 1960's. In some places these would be antiques! Unti...
  Grace, I really never thought of this as a skill, but after reading Stefan Swanepoels' description, I can say that this is something that I've used often throughout my life as well as with clients without even realizing it. Skill huh..who knew? After Reading the first two "teaser" chapters of ...
Ok, so maybe it's because I grew up on the east coast where I learned to drive in the snow by going into an empty parking lot and practicing 360's and how to turn the wheel to counter slides.. or maybe it's because this "HUGE" snow storm is so mild compared to what the rest of the country has bee...
Advising Buyers and Sellers not to broadcast stuff on social media during the negotiating period   The list of things to discuss with our clients has gotten longer each day it seems.  With all this social media, we now need to add privacy issues when discussing buying or selling a house on Facebo...
(Cindy's Blog about Portland Real Estate & Stuff) Where is it Wednesday...somewhere in Lake Oswego,'s the Dog Park at Hazelia Field at Luscher Farm. Scroll down to read about it and see more pictures. Kris C. did guess correctly on my Facebook business page. Each week I'll be pos...
My list of Great Garden Centers and Nurseries in Portland Metro and the Burbs It's that time of year again, the Yard, Garden and Patio show kicked off those spring fever gardening juices. I was at the coast so missed this garden show, but the Portland Home and Garden Show at the Expo Center  whi...
Yep, that's what a guy said to me at a party this weekend.."I'll sue your butt for copyright infringement if you post one of my pictures on your blog without my permission". It's funny, I love that my friends are now saying.... "Oh Cindy, that would be great to post to your blog" and this is wha...

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