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Listing Videos...      I am constantly striving to raise the bar on what I do when it comes to listing videos. Far too often I see videographers pan a room move to the next and repeat the process. I like motion and movement. In this video of 3101 Harborwood Dr. Nashville, TN, I combine motion and...
I Found My Keys...     After searching high and low, I finally found my keys. And, you know, they were right where I left them several years ago. Next to the 3rd palm tree just to the right of the sunrise.     It is not my intent to be a blog snob, but in my haste to get packed and find my lost k...
(not so) Speechless Sundae...     Typically around the end of March I set out the hummer feeders to attract migratory birds heading north for the summer. Last year I got an opportunity to capture this oversized and over stuffed Hummer. Well it must be a hummer it's at a humming bird feeder, Right...
The First Step...     Life is a journey and it begins with the first step. While it is a spin on the old saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, many fail to take that first, all important one. It has taken me a long time to take that step, that leap of faith, for la...
Into Every Life...      Someone much wise than me coined the phrase, "Into every life some rain must fall." Rain has been written about, sung about, danced in and the litany could go on ad nauseam, but you get my drift. Rain is a part of everyone's life.      It was raining this morning while I w...
To Thine Own-self be True...     Let's face it, we all lie. We lie to our friends, we lie to our clients and we lie to ourselves. Is lying a good thing? It depends.     Lying to friends and clients is not ever a good thing. Yes, we may get by from time to time telling "little white lies", but wha...
The Journey...                  We have heard it time and time again, life is a journey. But where does the journey start and where does it end?     As long as we draw breath, we will continually travel down our chosen path. The road we take will be one of our own design. Our destinations will va...
1007 Sattui Court - Franklin, TN...                  Sadly, far too many real estate agents have the misconception that slide show presentations are videos. Far from it.      In this presentation of 1007 Sattui Court in Franklin, TN; Marla Richardson of Realty Trust Residential show cases her lat...
Getting My Social Media Ducks in a Row...     Social Media. If many of you are like me, you are busy, engaged in the task of killing something and dragging it home. Yes, there are the benefits of meeting folks face-to-face to establish rapport. There there is the virtual side of marketing - blogg...
Video IS...     For those of you who are still sitting on the fence when it comes to whether you will or will not use video in your marketing; hopefully, these latest statistics about video and where it is going just came out will get you moving in the right direction. I'm here to tell you that v...

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